Life Lessons From the Dog

Getting a dog was something that was DEFINITELY against my better judgement, but admittedly our dog has become a member of our family that we love with all of our heart and in subtle ways he has taught us some very important life lessons….


You can always count on a superhero!


Dogs really DO eat the homework!


EVERYONE makes mistakes.


It’s best to take the trash out before someone sees it. 

IMG_1094 (1)

Let sleeping dogs lie.



Road trips are better with a companion!


 Being snowbound stinks…


but it’s better with a friend.

IMG_0033         A boy needs his dog…

IMG_0247 (1)

And a dog needs his boy…

Best friends for life!

So proud of these boys!


Team Red Storm – Playing for a Cure

This Saturday, our   6th grade youth football team dedicated their game in honor of the fight against breast cancer. My son’s team,  led by coach Chuck Granger, is not only taught the basic skills of football, but their coaches believe that it is critical to teach young boys about the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, compassion, and trust.

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