diane1Hi, my name is Diane. I am the wife of a Navy officer and the mother of 5 beautiful children. I live in a beautiful New England town where the quality of life is second to none. I hold a graduate degree in psychology with a focus on medical health psychology. One of my children has special needs – both medically and developmentally.  I look forward to talking with all  of you about the amazing rewards and unique challenges involved with  taking care of our special angels!

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      1. Hello! I am glad you like it 🙂 When I receiven my message I thought is funny and a good way to meet other bloggers.
        Take care and keep going with your website!

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  1. Hello! How are you? As I promissed I will write now my favorite tools for working with photos. So, first I want to recomend you 2 great free online programs very easy to use: picmonkey is great for processing your photos (I use the free version, is enough for me) and Canva – this is a design program that has a lot of free premade templates…is also easy to work with it! The very pro fact of this 2 programs is that are online and you don’t have to instal in your computer. Other programs that I use, more complicated but once you get use are ok: Corel Photo Paint, Corel Draw-for design, Adobe Photoshop and, also from adobe Lightroom – this is awsome! That is all…at least at this moment I don’t use anything else :). I hope I was usefull. Enjoy your Sunday!


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