Life Lessons From the Dog

Getting a dog was something that was DEFINITELY against my better judgement, but admittedly our dog has become a member of our family that we love with all of our heart and in subtle ways he has taught us some very important life lessons….


You can always count on a superhero!


Dogs really DO eat the homework!


EVERYONE makes mistakes.


It’s best to take the trash out before someone sees it. 

IMG_1094 (1)

Let sleeping dogs lie.



Road trips are better with a companion!


 Being snowbound stinks…


but it’s better with a friend.

IMG_0033         A boy needs his dog…

IMG_0247 (1)

And a dog needs his boy…

Best friends for life!

5 thoughts on “Life Lessons From the Dog

  1. Aw! Diane, this is so adorable! I love the pictures. Growing up there were always dogs in the house. I have two small ones now. They really do become part of your family and heart. Thanks for sharing this cute and fun post. 😀


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