Valentine’s Day Paint Chip Bookmarks

With all of the snowstorms happening, we have been spending tons of time at our local hardware store picking up shovels, flashlights and firewood. Luckily, it gave me a chance to grab a few paint chips that I needed for a fun Valentine’s Day craft idea I saw on the web.

I got the original idea from Pinterest, but I decided to change mine up a bit:


You will need paint chips, a classic hole punch, scissors, decorative ribbon, and a heart shaped hole punch.


  • Select whatever paint chips you prefer – there are many shades of pink and red available.  I prefer Ben Moore brand because the paint chips are a bit smaller.


  • Using a heart shaped whole punch, align the whole punch on the side of the paint chip where the name of the paint color is shown.
  • Slide the whole punch all the way in and press.
  •  Now you will have a cute little heart shaped cut out on the side of the paint chip (as shown in photo).
  • Repeat on each section all the way down the paint chip.


  • Using a classic hole punch, make a hole at the top center of the paint chip. Thread the decorative ribbon through the hole and tie in a secure knot.


Now you have an adorable Valentine’s Day gift – easy and extremely inexpensive! Great for kids’ friendship Day or Valentine’s Day classroom party gifts.


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