101 Dalmations: Movie Review


Here is my review for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians : Diamond Collection, featured today at Modern Mom!

It isn’t always easy to get five children to sit still long enough to watch a movie,  but a bad snowstorm provided the perfect excuse to sit down as a family and watch a great Disney feel- good classic.

Not only was the storyline one that my children loved, but the movie was also full of life lessons that they seemed to understand.

101 Dalmatians has all the furry cuteness you can shake a tail at.  The movie’s   stars, Pongo and Perdy, are two adorable Dalmatians that meet by fate in a London park.  Together the two dogs formulate a plan so that their owners, Roger and Anita, will meet one another.

Although their owners get off to a bit of a rocky start, it doesn’t take long before the couple’s mutual love for Dalmatians, makes them realize that they were made for one another.

While the movie is primarily about a family of dogs, you can see throughout the movie that their love no different from the kind of love and loyalty that human beings have for one another.

Roger and Anita receive news that they are expecting a baby; meanwhile, Pongo and Perdy become the proud parents of 15 adorable puppies.

All of Perdy’s pups were born healthy except for one.  My children noticed the serious expression on Pongo’s face as he looks at Roger in way that says, “please help,”  just as any loving father would.

Roger gently lifts the pup wrapped in a towel and begins rubbing its back as a way to bring circulation back into the wee pup’s tiny body.  “It worked!” my eight-year-old said.  Then my other son remarked, “This is how daddy takes care of Sam,” our son that was very sick as a newborn.

The part that might have been unsettling was when Cruella Deville, a scheming fashion designer  tries to steal the puppies to make herself a coat made from their fur.

Fortunately, the humor and the colorful animation throughout the movie manages to overshadow any aspect of the movie that might otherwise frighten a child.

As any other parent, I would do anything to protect my child from harm.  Pongo and Perdy are no different as they desperately search for their pups and go to great measures to return them home safely.

Despite Cruella’s evil efforts, the movie shows us that goodness prevails and that nothing is stronger than a parent’s love for his or her child, including any wickedness that attempts to separate them.

Believe me, this is a movie well worth seeing!

Check out the review at Modern Mom http://www.modernmom.com/101-dalmations-love-and-loyalty-107441.html

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