My Son’s NFL Pick


By B.C Sports

A priceless piece written by my 6th grade “up and coming” sports commentator …..Way above my head, BTW

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First, let’s start out with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are in third place in passing with a QBR (quarterback rating) of 90.3, this postseason Andrew luck (Colts Quarterback) has thrown for 316 yards per game (average) and 3 touchdowns so far but unfortunately he has thrown 2 interceptions. So Colts fans be on the lookout with Andrew Lucks passing game. Now for the  running game. With Amahd Bradshaw out for the postseason with a broken ankle, now Dan Herron would take over the Colts running game with averaging 106 yards a game in the postseason with 2 touchdowns. Throughout this whole season, the Colts have scored on every first drive of the game.

Now for the Colts defense the colts have 5 sacks in just two games! With the sack leader Jerrell Freeman with 1.5 sacks and 10 tackles (third in team) and 12 assists  also leading the team! He is an outstanding defensive player this postseason and he is hoping to keep it up.  Also, the Colts defense turnover ratio is -1.

The some of these injuries might cost the whole game this is a list of all the people on the colts roster that did not participate in practice: Greg Toler, D’quell Jackson, Vontae Davis and Andrew Jackson.  Also, Erick Waldon but he only had limited time during practice.

Now let’s talk about the opponent facing the Colts in the AFC finals, the New England Patriots. First off the offense. One thing is that Tom Brady has actually ran the ball 2 times as much than every member on the New England Patriots. Last game against the Ravens Tom Brady was 33-50 with 367 yards and 3 touchdown passes and also ran a 6 yard touchdown! The biggest target for Brady is tight end Rob Gronkowski he had 7 grabs for 108 yards and 1 touchdown and averaging about 15 yards every time he got the ball. And also none of us cannot remember that Amandola from Wide Receiver Julian Edelman a 51 yard pass! The Patriots originally drafted Edelman as a wide receiver but in collage quarterback.  Therefore, the thing is that was an amazing play

There is really nothing to talk about the Pats running game last week because the team (in all) ran the ball 13 times for 14 yards!  So, that pretty much explains that.

These are a list of Patriot players that are on injured reserve list: Dont’a Hightower, Chris Jones, Bryan Stork, Brandon Browner and Brandon Lafell.

That is all and this is my prediction : COLTS WIN 31- 24 

These opinions belong to B.C sports and are in no way affiliated with mine 🙂

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