What Do Give Someone Who Has Everything?


We all have that one person on our list that is impossible to buy for.

Don’t bother asking them what they want or I can guarantee they will respond to you by saying “I don’t need anything.” Incredibly frustrating! Not even an idea or suggestion to make our job easier.

I go through this every year with that one person on my list. So, this year, I decided to put on my thinking cap and create some suggestions for myself ahead of time. I hope this list helps you too!

•Sometimes the best gifts don’t cost anything. One of my favorite gifts I get from my kiddos is a booklet filled with special coupons that we call “helping” coupons. They write a messages on small pieces a paper offering to do something nice. You could do the same. You could write a message offering to provide a labor of love – Most people need help with something. Chances are the person who has everything is also extremely busy. Help ease her burden by offering to clean, paint, redecorate, garden, babysit, detail the car, and so on. There’s no more generous gift than offering a person your time.

  • Give a custom photo book. You can’t go wrong with this type of gift. Anyone on your list will appreciate a photo book full of their most cherished memories. Simply access the photos from your computer files and upload them onto a site like Shutterfly or Tiny prints. You can make handbags, canvas prints, coffee mugs and photo calendars. This is an especially great gift for that grandparent in your life that has everything (like mine)
  • Make a donation to a charity in the person’s name. You will make someone feel wonderful by connecting their name to a great cause. This doesn’t have to require spending a ton of money and it is a generous act of kindness.
  • If you have a foodie in your life you can buy a cookbook full of awesome recipes. Or you can assemble one yourself. Make it full of her favorite recipes. Make sure they like to cook though, or at least have a good friend that does!
    • Make a goodie basket. A basket of gourmet treats will make even the pickiest person on your list happy.
    • For those that do like to cook, why not buy a gift card for a cooking or baking class?
    • For any overworked women in your life, consider treating to a day of pampering. You will be hard pressed to find a woman that wouldn’t love a beauty service to help her relax and feel beautiful. Consider purchasing gift certificates for pedicures, massages, facials, laser treatments, reflexology, foot soaks, and so on.

Even if a person has virtually everything, buy tickets for her favorite sports team, orchestra, play, or comedian. You can’t go wrong.

Hint: Start thinking about ideas months before Christmas. You never know when you might randomly come across the perfect thing in the most unpredictable place. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to shop for this person – believe me I learned this the hard way!!

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