Things people say to the mother of five

Have any of these things been said to you?   Click the comment, I would love to hear!


Being the mom of a handful of children, I am not sure I have ever been out in public when I  don’t get at least one dirty look, followed by a set of standard questions and comments – the same things stated over and over again.  Sure, they are said pleasantly, but boy is there a serious thread of sarcasm…


  1. “Gee, you have your hands full.”

This one is classic – the most overused, unoriginal supermarket line question.  Translated as “you had no business having so many kids this close in age!”

2.  “I don’t know how you do it!”

Well the truth is on many days,  I don’t.  Many days I can’t get out of my own way and things just go from bad to worse.

3. ” You look tired, dear.”

That’s code for “you look like hell, dear.”

4. “I see you have lots of little helpers.”

Over the past 13 years, I can remember very few times when  trips to Wal-Mart haven’t turned into a living hell.  How much help can four snotty- nosed , out of control little boys  running aimlessly up and down every aisle, yelling and screaming and ripping things off every shelf.  I can assure you… “little helpers” they are not!

 Then come the more invasive questions….

  1. “Do you plan to have anymore?

What they mean is, “please don’t!”

  1. Are any of these twins?”

Do these people understand that it IS biologically possible to produce kids less than 2 years apart without having twins?

Don’t  they see my kids look nothing alike?  They don’t look related and they sure don’t look like they came from the same egg!

7.  “Boy you have been busy”

Followed by:

8.  “Do you plan to have your tubes tied?.”

This is what the nurses asked me when I was in the middle of giving birth with my last two children– when you are on so many drugs, you can’t think clearly and your pain level is off the charts.  In that moment who in her right mind would EVER consider having another child??

9.  “Are all of these yours?”

Are people totally insane?  Who would take 4 kids under the age of 6 to a grocery store if they weren’t their own!!??

9. “Are you Mormon or Catholic?


10.” Do you know how this keeps happening?”

More Ignorant

11. “Do they all have the same father?”

Better yet.

12. “What were you thinking?”

Truth of the matter is…..we weren’t!

6 thoughts on “Things people say to the mother of five

  1. I’ve only got 4, but I’ve heard them all.

    I am often approached with support from grandmothers who tell me they had 4 children. It is when they hear I have all boys that I generally get a quick blessing. I’m sure you get that too.


  2. So funny! I’ve heard the very same things plus, “Don’t you have a television?” We didn’t. I guess that’s why we had so many kids! I’d love for you to pop over and share your blog at the Special Needs and/ or Homeschooling blog linkup every Friday!


  3. This is funny. I have two kids – so I can’t comment re: the numbers. But on tieing your tubes? That also happened to my friend – a nurse – post C-section with her second. Because, they were like, already down there. She said no. And we had this rather sadly humorous conversation a few months after about how she’d been asked to sign all these forms MONTHES in advance of birth if she wanted to bank core blood (so she didn’t have to, you know, make that stressful decision in any sort of, say stressful and surgical situation) but preventing you from having another child? Yeah! Totally something you should consider on the fly immediately post C-section.

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