Top 10 Best Places to Hide Holiday Gifts

donotIf you have a nosey crew like I do, then you might find this list helpful. I know when I was a kid, I did quite of bit of snooping myself. The funny thing was, every year I found ALL my presents, because my mother kept hiding them in the same place! Every year, she hid them in the bottom of garment bags that were hanging in our back closet. She might have thought they had been well-hidden, but boy was she wrong!

Kids get so excited this time of year and it is only natural they are going to want to peak. This means we mommies have to get creative with hiding places. From experience with my inquisitive bunch (I have learned the HARD way), DO NOT use the back of the mini- van as a hiding spot – Guaranteed that is the FIRST place a kid will look. Oh, and you might want to stay away from the garment bags as well. J Mix it up year to year in case they happen to see something. You don’t want them to go back to the same spot!


While you probably have some awesome suggestions of your own, here are a few suggestions of mine:

  1. Neighbor’s house

Be selective here. My children pretty much “live” at my neighbor’s house across the street and I would not put it past them to snoop there too!

  1. Attic

Kids might view this is an obvious space for hiding, but you can outsmart them with mommy creativity. Put the presents inside cartons where they would never think to look; sneak the presents into boxes of offseason clothes – especially the ones marked “summer clothes.”

  1. Garage

The older kids become, the harder you have to work to hide things. You can easily camouflage large gifts by wrapping them in garbage bags and tucking them in a corner so that they blend in with other large items in your garage.

  1. Garbage cans

If you have an unused garbage can in your garage, then this is a perfect place to hide large gifts or many smaller ones. Just be careful where you dump your trash!

5 . Large cabinets

Find the largest pot you have, place the item inside and cover it up. Unless your kids LOVE helping with the dishes, the chance that they will find them in your cabinets is slim.

  1. Clothes hamper

You can bury gift at the bottom of the clothes hamper, unless you have kids like mine, that literally dump the entire basket out on the floor looking for one sock.

  1. Office space

If you or your husband has an office outside of the home, then what better place to keep things out of your kiddo’s sight?

  1. Dog crate

This is a great place to hide presents, but it means that your pup will have to sacrifice HIS hiding spot for a bit.

  1. Suit cases

Hiding gifts in locked suitcases is sure to keep those little snoopers out!

  1. Adult only areas

If you are one of those fortunate parents to have a place in the house where you kids cannot go, then bonus for you! I do not happen to be one of those people.


Where do you hide your holiday presents? Please leave a comment or send me a tweet @DianeAdamo

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