So proud of these boys!


Team Red Storm – Playing for a Cure

This Saturday, our   6th grade youth football team dedicated their game in honor of the fight against breast cancer. My son’s team,  led by coach Chuck Granger, is not only taught the basic skills of football, but their coaches believe that it is critical to teach young boys about the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, compassion, and trust.

The Red Storm coaches also feel it is important to inform kids about breast cancer and tell them that it is a disease that does not just happen to one person, it can happen to any family member, or any friend.” An important part of their coaching philosophy is encouraging kids to care about other people.

Team Red Storm prepared a banner for Saturday’s game – each player placed his team jersey number with the name of a special person whom he knows that has been affected by breast cancer. “Its really amazing to see how much these kids care about the topic of breast cancer, something you wouldn’t normally expect from 6th grade kids,” commented one of the onlookers at Saturday’s game.

The Team dressed head to toe in pink wristbands, pink ribbons and custom-made pink football socks that the team ordered as a way to support the cause. The team entered their game, as they normally do in their lightning spirit, but this time jumping through the large banner they created in hopes of bringing everyone’s attention to the importance of finding a cure for breast cancer. Go Red Storm!




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