My 5 little monkeys!




This is my family, my 5 little monkeys.

Meet “Lilly”

My oldest monkey.  I actually refer to her as a “princess” not a monkey. Lilly is my daughter from a previous marriage – a previous life as I refer to it.  Having a child instead of living out your college party days Laurencomes with  advantages and disadvantages.  Raising her with no baseline knowledge and no real adult life experience was very much about trial and error.  In many ways we were raising each other.  Before I had her, my act was anything but together. I needed to grow up and my life needed direction.   Having a child when you are young has a way of giving your life direction, quickly!  Our family life hasn’t been smooth and Lilly did a wonderful job surviving all the bumps along the way. She didn’t always do things the easy way and I didn’t always like her choices but somehow we made it through – even the teenage years (which I will share more on) which I still have horrible flashbacks of. Lilly has grown into a beautiful young woman, I am very proud of her.


I won’t introduce Sammy here.  He has his very own section posted under “Sam’s story.”  Please click on “Sammy’s story to read all about him and our special journey.


No, his name isn’t really Felix, but where I a writer for some national magazines, the chances of my blog being seen by many is good.  I decided to change my children’s names to protect their privacy and to allow me to be more Bencandid about our lives.  Felix is a weird nickname I gave my son a few years ago.  I have no idea where I can up with it.  Felix is twelve and he is one of a kind!  Felix’s smile lights up a room. Whatever Felix does its with a vengeance! Ben has a such a heart for everything he does. Even when he was a tiny baby,  he would scream  any time his needs weren’t met. He plays just about every sport under the sun and does so like an animal.  It was his first year playing lacrosse and he was chosen for the “select” team – he was up against other kids who had been playing for three years. Whenever Felix is chosen for a team, he says his team is “stacked.”  Hmmmm, wonder if there is a pattern there? I know I sound like a bragging mother but Felix’s ability in sports, is really about his heart more than than anything else.  Keep in mind, there is a  downside to having a kids with such enthusiasm – he can be quite an antagonist!  Felixloves to push buttons and the minute he enters the room there is at least one of my other kids screaming in retaliation.  There is an alpha in every pack, and Felix is it!  This leads me to my “Willy……”


Willy is just as quiet as Felix is loud.  Willy is ten. I get such a kick out of him.  He just looks at you with his big brown eyes and your heart just melts.  He is just as sweet as he is quirky.  Willy is about Willthe easiest kid a mom could hope for.  He was number three and I swear, God knew I was going to lose it if I didn’t get one like him.  What I love about my Willy the most is how humble he is.  He got an award at football the other night and didn’t even tell me about it. He  put the trophy down  on my dresser with no explanation!  On the flip side, I can’t remember how many times he forgot his homework last year, and I don’t think he has been to anyone’s house without forgetting at least two things. Gotta love my Willy!

“Chasey D”

Chasey, as I call him, is along the same lines as Felix only a little bit louder and a lot smaller.  He’s been told how absolutely adorable he is football 183and I really think he is starting to believe it!  I am wondering if God changed his mind at the end of pregnancy and decided to make my girl a boy.  He loves pink  and enjoys playing with all the girls.  Three years ago, he asked for a pink piano for Christmas.  Of course, I bought it for him. Boy, did my husband struggle with that one!  Felix says he likes pink things,  because he is a girl. I think that is a very brotherly comment to make.  I think it’s more about Chasey’s confidence.  He seems so secure and happy in who he is.  Each week he comes up with a new saying.  A few weeks back it was “yeah girl” (said in a valley girl way) and now its “what’s up man?”   It really is pretty funny the things he comes up with, and none of the sayings sound like they should be coming from his mouth.  Yes, Chasey is adorable, but he can be annoying too!  I think it’s a typical case of the youngest and smallest syndrome.  He is the youngest of 5 and he is going to be heard one way or another.  By the way, look in the background and you will see an example of the  “antagonist”  I mentioned previously. 🙂


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